You’re Booked

You’re Booked!

Your call with a human is happening. See what to expect next in the video below.

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so number 1, you would have scheduled yoiur call at a specific date and a specific time.
either a member of my team or I will call you at that date and time, and we will call you on the minute that you scheduled your call.
now if you selected a skype call we will be calling you via skype, and if you sleected phone we will call you via phone.
we don't take calls with people that are driving or walking around or have barking dogs around.
we treat this very seriously. We treat this like we are doctors and we are making a diagnosis of your business. we want to cut through to what is the root cause to what is holding you back right now. and we want to make an accurate diagnosis
and if we don't believe we can help you, trust me will be honest and tell you that
we only ask that you give us your full and undivided attention.
and the third thing is your call will either be with me or a member of my team. your confirmation will show you who your call is with, we are transparent about that. and if you are talking to a member of my team and it's not me, don't worry that it's not me, every member of my team is all well trained and they wiull be able to help you make a correct decision.
and like I said, we will be very up front about that.

I just wanted to say hi, thank you for scheduling your strategy session, make sure you are ready at the time scheduled. make sure you are in a quite room, so you may give us your full and undivided attention. SO looking forward to speaking with you soon.

Thanks for scheduling your call with a human!

I have sent you confirmation of your calls time and date via email,
please make sure that you put this in your calendar right now.
Myself or someone on my team will call you via Skype or Phone
(depending on what you selected in the survey) at the precise time
that you selected, please make sure that you are ready when they call.If you are more than 5mins late the call will be cancelled and you will
not be able to reschedule another one. Please make sure that you are
in a quiet room and do not take the call from your car, airport or any
other noisy place. If you take the call in a noisy location we will cancel
the call with you and not allow you to reschedule another one.I look forward to helping you explode your business and achieve
massive success!